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Why do a Free Consultation?

If you plan to participate in our accent modification training or in speech therapy, a free consultation session is recommended to:

  • Discuss your goals
  • Determine if you are an appropriate candidate
  • Serve as an opportunity to meet your speech therapist and get acquainted
  • Help guide you towards next steps regarding assessment
  • Assess the technological requirements for video conferencing
  • Discuss details of the program, rates, payment options and materials used

Together we can determine if our services will be beneficial to you.

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Accent Modification: Free Accent Screening

If you would like PROactive Speech Therapy & Accent Modification to screen the major features of your accent, feel free to complete this free online accent screening.

The results of the screening will provide us with a quick impression of your accent and help us determine if our services will be beneficial to you.

This free screening will require approximately 10 minutes of your time in a quiet room. You will use the online recorder to record stimulus words, a reading paragraph and a spontaneous speech sample. You will require a microphone to complete the screening.

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