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Communication IS Connection.

Break Down Your English Pronunciation Barrier!

Improve Your English Pronunciation!

My new 1-On-1, fully supported coaching program shows you exactly how to go from struggling to be heard, to being understood the first time you speak…

Join a quick, free application call to see if you’re a good fit for the program.

Attention: Non-Native English Speakers...

I’ve developed a highly effective fully supported coaching program that takes your from a struggling speaker to effective communicator in as little as 13 sessions.

This program is completely tailored to you specifically and your unique needs. No more cookie-cutter courses!


My name is Rebecca Bower. I received my BA from Brock University and my MHSc from the University of Toronto.  I am a Speech Therapist and a Compton P-ESL-Certified Accent Reduction consultant and International Instructor.

As a speech therapist and certified accent instructor, I have the skills and knowledge to help you make a meaningful and measurable change. I can give you the skills that ensure that when you talk, others listen.

I have extensive experience providing speech and language intervention to adults that are seeking to improve their English pronunciation (a.k.a. ‘soften their accent’).

I am registered in good standing with the College of Audiologists and Speech Language Pathologists of Ontario (CASLPO).

What this all means is that I have the educational background, extensive experience, and understanding to know how important it is to you that you speak clearly and in a way others understand you the first time you speak.

Natural conversation is the goal of intervention/instruction, and I always encourage clients to provide input on what is important to them.

I was recently interviewed by Sebastian Schieke on his show, The Unshakeable Entrepreneur. Although his show focuses largely on Entrepreneurship, the interview goes into great detail regarding my background, how PROactive came to be, the 13 week flagship program that's offered, and where I'm taking things in the future. If you're looking to find out more about myself and the PROactive company, this interview should answer most of your questions!

Sound Familiar?

You’re a professional who has been trying to improve your English pronunciation for years by studying books, repeating English on television, music, and online videos but you haven’t got the results you are after.

You are FRUSTRATED, DEMORALIZED, and fed up with not being understood! You don’t want to see any more confused looks when you speak.

Maybe you’ve even used other apps, read other books, watched various YouTube channels, or invested in DIY programs and courses to try to improve your American English pronunciation, with no success.

You want to be able to order your morning coffee without a hassle.

You want to speak English confidently with your supervisors, colleagues, clients/patients, and native English speaking friends and acquaintances.

No matter what you try, you’re STILL being asked, “Could you repeat that?” on a regular basis.

Maybe, most importantly, you want to stop feeling like your private relationships or work prospects are being affected because of your English pronunciation!

It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way!

Imagine a life where your English pronunciation no longer feels like a barrier. Imagine speaking clearly so that everyone understood what you were saying…the FIRST time! This IS in your power to change; you just need the right program and support. You need…

  • A knowledgeable instructor that understands the anatomy and physiology of speech: the ability to teach you the tongue placement required for certain sounds to be produced

  • A complete program, not just generalized piecemeal information that yields no noticeable results

  • A thorough assessment to identify your exact problem areas so you don't waste any more time

  • UNLIMITED TAILORED Support, so you never get stuck in the process

That’s exactly what I do and I’m good at it! You need a LIVE Certified Accent trainer that provides unlimited specific feedback that is tailored to your individual needs, taught to you step-by-step with the same instructor each week to support you all through the process.

That is why other methods aren’t that effective for most people.

IF accepted into the PROactive coaching program, you WILL:

  • Improve your English pronunciation by 50-80% (*See my Money Back Guarantee)

  • Speak English with greater confidence

  • Finally be understood the first time you speak

Why THIS Program?

As a speech-language pathologist, I am uniquely qualified to instruct on accent modification training. I have more than twelve years of experience working directly in phonetics and articulation as well as extensive experience in the analysis of the intricacies of articulation. Being a speech therapist I am regulated under certain professional associations that assure clinical compliance:

The PROactive Pronunciation System is founded on research-based methods, with a focus on real life outcomes. On a personal level, I strive to provide the safest and most comfortable atmosphere to improve my clients' communication.

Why is this program different? I offer a truly personalized program, to support you in becoming the most effective communicator you can be. Large companies have also enlisted my services to help their employees to become better communicators!

  • Other factors to consider are that I am:

  • Proficient in transcription of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)

  • Knowledgeable about the anatomy and physiology involved in speech production

  • Able to apply extensive knowledge of the muscles involved in speech production

  • Trained in analyzing articulation as well as the supra-segmentals of speech