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Communication IS Connection.

Break Down Your English Pronunciation Barrier!

Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?

You’ve been learning and speaking English for a few years. You read English books, you watch English television, listen to English music, watch YouTube Videos about English pronunciation, and have spent countless hours taking self-directed online courses to try and help improve your American English pronunciation; all without the help of a speech-language pathologist.

BUT…you’re still being asked, “Could you repeat that?”…or…”Pardon me?, “I didn’t understand, could you say that again?” This is both ANNOYING and FRUSTRATING! You’ve done your best. You’ve put in the time and effort but, just aren’t seeing the results you want.

You want to be able to order your morning coffee without a hassle, have conversations with new people and be understood right away, give a presentation at school or work that doesn’t result in glazed over eyes and confused looks, and actually be considered for that job promotion.

Maybe, most importantly, you want to stop feeling like your private relationships or work prospects are being affected because of your English pronunciation.

Don’t go another year (or years) with no action, no job promotion, and not being understood on a daily basis.

Think for a moment, what if it didn’t have to be that way?

Imagine a life where your accent no longer felt like a barrier. Imagine what it would be like to clearly pronounce words using a North American English accent so that everyone understood what you were saying…the FIRST time! It’s in your power to change; you just need a little help from a professional; A speech-language pathologist.

Have you ever wondered why you’re not improving on your own by practicing and repeating the English you hear around you? One of the many reasons is because you cannot fix the sounds that you cannot hear and distinguish! Without knowledgeable feedback, you just continue to use the sounds from your first language to speak English.

Just as important, it is extremely difficult to use new sounds that are not part of your first language’s repertoire without implicit and knowledgeable direction from a speech-language pathologist on how to adjust your tongue, jaw, and lips to produce those sounds.

North American English has many sounds that other languages simply do not. You have to be specifically instructed on how to hear/distinguish those sounds as well as EXACTLY how to make those sounds.

Ready To Get Started?

My 13 Week Accent Reduction Program is $2,497 CAD (Canadian dollars), no taxes are added. The program starts with a thorough assessment to see where you’ll be starting and what goals we should set up for you specifically.

The assessment takes less than 5 minutes for you to complete, and up to 3 hours for me to transcribe for differences in speech sounds, stress, intonation, rate, pitch, and fluency. The assessment will be the foundation on which we build your program.

Following the assessment, you will book 13 one hour sessions over a 16 week period. I have built a bit of flexibility into the program to account for clients’ busy schedules. You will be given personalized practice materials and individualized audio instruction each week to support your learning.

Each of your 13 sessions is conducted online through secure (HIPAA Compliant) video conferencing software. Imagine it like a Skype call. You get to have your session in the privacy of your own home at a time that is most convenient to you, with the use of a cellphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop!

At the end of the program you will complete another assessment which is then compared to the initial one. The difference between the two will show how much you’ve improved. You will be provided with an audio as well to show your improvement!

It all begins with a free consultation. This helps us get acquainted, answer any additional questions, and ensure that this program is the right fit for you. I’d love to support you in this goal, so click the, “Let’s Get Started!” button below and we can meet!

By the way, Hi, I’m Rebecca, MHSc. S-LP, (C) Reg. CASLPO, Certified Accent Modification Instructor!

No doubt, you want to know if I’m the right Instructor for you. So let’s quickly go through why I’m the most qualified to be helping you improve your English Pronunciation.

• Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology, University of Toronto

• More than twelve years’ experience in assessment and instruction of articulation

• Certified Instructor, Compton P-ESL Accent Modification Method, Institute of Language and Phonology

• Registered in good standing, College of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists of Ontario (CASLPO). CASLPO is a licensing body which assures clinical competence.

• Certified, Speech-Language and Audiology Canada (SAC)

I speak with a neutral Standard North American English accent that is commonly heard in Toronto, Southern Ontario, Canada and around the United States, as often heard on national television.

What this all means is that I have the educational background, extensive experience, and understanding to know how important it is to you that you speak clearly and in a way others understand you the first time. With my background, credentials, and experience I can do just that in 13 weeks.

If you are someone who deals with an accent that interferes with being truly heard in your professional field or you are ready to be proactive in improving your speech for personal reasons, book your free consultation to begin on the path to improvement.

My unique background enables me to create a truly personalized program, to support you in becoming the most effective communicator you can be. Large companies have also enlisted my services to help their employees to become better communicators!

Why choose a Speech-Language Pathologist over other accent coaches?

Many ESL speakers opt to consult with speech-language pathologists (SLP) who is a certified Accent Modification Instructor to reduce the impact of a foreign accent. As a speech-language pathologist, I am uniquely qualified: I am…

• Proficient in transcription of the International Phonetic Alphabet

• Knowledgeable about the anatomy and physiology involved in speech production

• Able to apply extensive knowledge of the muscles involved in speech production

• Familiar with the latest research in the field

• Trained in analyzing articulation as well as the supra-segmentals of speech

• Held to a high standard, as SLPs are governed by a college which assures clinical competence

An ESL teacher simply does not hold these same qualifications.

Who Is This Course For And Who Isn’t This Course For?

This course is BEST suited for anyone who:

• Speaks English as a second language

• Can commit to 13 weeks of instruction

• Feels they are constantly being misunderstood

• Knows that improving their English pronunciation will dramatically change their life

• Will make their best effort to put in the suggested practice time of 60 minutes per day

This course is NOT a good fit for those who:

• Don’t have an adequate internet connection

• Don’t have a private place to conduct their sessions

• Don’t have the time currently to practice consistently

• Are not able to book a one hour session once per week over a 13 week period

• Don’t feel that their English pronunciation is having a profound effect on their professional or personal life

• Are still struggling to learn the English language: It is recommended that clients be able to converse in English with some proficiency

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I need to access a session?

• A quiet space

• May benefit from a headset but not mandatory

• WIFI/Internet connection: 10Mbps upload and download speeds or higher

• A computer – PC or MAC or tablet/cell phone with a functioning camera and microphone

Why should I hire you as my English Pronunciation Coach?

Reliability: We will customize all of your exact accent reduction needs with an individualized plan. Your coach will be with you through the whole process, with messaging between sessions, and file sharing for full unlimited support.

Ease: Our simple to use home practice makes learning a breeze. You will be provided with convenient scheduling options and equally convenient virtual training.

Price: Our prices are extremely competitive. Our services are provided by a Speech-Language Pathologist who is a Certified Compton P-ESL Accent Modification Coach.

Flexibility: Services are provided via HIPAA/PHIPA compliant videoconferencing technology to ensure your privacy is secure; all while enjoying the convenience of training in the comfort of your location of choice, at a time that is convenient for you.

Expertise: You will be working directly one-on-one with a Speech-Language Pathologist who is a certified Compton P-ESL Accent Modification Coach who has a Master in Health Science Degree with 11 years related articulation experience. You have come to the right place!

Will my insurance cover Accent Modification?

Accent Modification may qualify for coverage, and, MANY employers pay for Accent Reduction programs or a percentage of a program.

Ask your insurer about coverage and talk with your employer about any sort of Professional Development Program and if an Accent Modification Program would qualify. Upon completion of this program, a certificate may be provided as proof of completion to your employer.

Will my accent come back if I stop working on it? Alternatively, will I lose my accent?

You will be learning specific strategies to enhance your pronunciation of Standard American English. Think of it as gaining a new “tool” to use in your daily life.

Why is English pronunciation so difficult?

Pronunciation is often not taught, and even taught incorrectly, when Instructors are not native English speakers. You must first learn to hear and distinguish the sounds of English before you can produce them.

To further complicate matters, English words are not necessarily pronounced the way they are spelled. Pronunciation requires practice, skill AND knowledge.

Is there homework?

As with all types of learning, practice is a key component for change. The Accent Reduction Program will require a commitment on your part. It is recommended that each participant anticipate 60 minutes of practice daily to maximize the effectiveness of their training.

How long will it take to improve my English pronunciation?

The program is designed to build on skills exponentially. You will begin to notice results as early as the first session, as new sounds will be introduced. Practice will enhance habituation of your new skills.

As new sounds and complexity are practiced, improvements in conversational speech will begin. In 13 weeks, you will be amazed at what you have learned and the new skills you have developed. It truly is life changing!

Ask Me Anything...

Any questions you have can be cleared up by booking an initial consultation. If you would like to send me an email or want to text me a quick question, please do! My email address is [email protected] and my cell is (289) 536-0921. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Don’t wait another year with no results. Your future with clear pronunciation starts now!